Information is paramount. It has limitless possibilities -  orally, with words . . . and visually, with graphics. We are all about "information design". Information is everywhere and it makes clear the five W's and the H - who, what, where, when, why . . .  and HOW, which is "design".  What CiR offers is not strictly definable, but it can be expressed through:

  • presentations

  • corporate identities / logos

  • cards and invitations

  • photographs

  • architectural signage

  • exhibitry

  • and others






How do you define the combination of appearance, sound, feeling, movement, possibilities...? Information and design are symbiotic. One can say, "information" is a precious stone and "design" is the platinum setting!

Our Philosophy:

We utilize our creativity, our powers of visualization, our artistic and logical reasoning skills to present, explain or sell your ideas and concepts.

We design information the way it is best presented and displayed.

We demonstrate how knowledge can be effectively illustrated, constructed and enhanced . . . bringing it to the simplest form or method.

We distill complex topics so that a specific audience or people at all levels can not only understand, but can envision how it will affect them.

We take ideas, foster them and create innovative solutions.

We meet your goals - whether it is your presentation, photograph, holiday card, company logo . . .

We deliver exceptional quality work on-schedule.






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